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Teddy Bear's Adventure
  • Currently 4/5
Little Teddy is hungry. Like every bears, he spends most of his day to eat and find for more fo ..
Ank Coin
  • Currently 4/5
Collect as much as possible coins in this simple platform game just for fun. Don't run out ..
Princess to the Rescue
  • Currently 4.5/5
Because why should heroes have all the fun?
Panda Adventure
  • Currently 4/5
This cute panda just got out of the zoo. It is his first time returning to the wild. He's ..
Tamus And Mitta Adventures
  • Currently 4/5
Evil creatures kidnapped Sun Toys. Luckily, Mitta and Tamus can rescue them. You have to search ..
Top Tilers
  • Currently 4/5
Top Tilers is a tile based platform game like pacman or bomberman where you have to rescue 10 p ..
Family of Squirrels
  • Currently 3.5/5
Guide an entire family of squirrels through the forest!
Little Muddle
  • Currently 3.5/5
Control both Moon and Sun to the portal at the same time before time runs out, avoid traps and ..
Toto's Balloon Ride
  • Currently 4/5
This fun adventurous game will take you up into the skies in search for Toto's beloved bla ..
Crystal Maze
  • Currently 4/5
You are trapped in the Forest Maze. Help the little girl to eat the fruits in the maze. When en ..
  • Currently 4/5
Noogie strays from home and enters The Enchanted Forest where he finds himself in the middle of ..
Kitty Kitty Jump Jump
  • Currently 4/5
Help Kitty to drink milk kept at top. Climb the steps to reach the destination.